张民选,教授,博士,现任教育部国际教育研究基地主任,上海高校智库上海师范大学国际与比较教育研究院院长。历任上海师范大学校长、上海市教育委员会副主任、上海市教育科学研究院院长等,此外,还担任上海国际学生评估项目(PISA)负责人、中英数学教师交流项目负责人,研究方向包含各国教育制度和政策、国际组织与教育发展、教师教育等。张民选教授主持了20092012年两届上海国际学生测评项目(Program for International Student Assessment, PISA)的测试和研究;多次受邀为包括澳大利亚总理、美国教育部长、英国教育大臣、联合国教科文组织总干事等在内的多位国际高层官员讲解上海基础教育发展经验和中国教育发展经验,在国内外产生了较大影响。

Minxuan ZHANG, PhD (University of Hong Kong), Director of Shanghai International Institute for Teacher Education & Research Institute for International and Comparative Education(SHNU)Chairman of Center for International Education Studies and Consultation, Ministry of Education, China. Prof. Zhang concentrates his career on education, he served as a school teacher, a principle, a scholar and a government officer, worked as President of Shanghai Normal University, Deputy Director-general of the Education Commission of Shanghai Municipal Government and President of Shanghai Academy of Educational Sciences. As Shanghai PISA and TALIS NPM (National Project Manager), he studied Shanghai education system in a global perspective and Shanghai’s PISA & TALIS result attracts the world’s interest. As a consultant of UNESCO, UNICEF and the World Bank, he worked for education development in Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia and other countries. The U.S., UK, Finland and Australia Governments invited Prof. Zhang to share the experience of Shanghai Education development and was invited as an adviser of IIEP and now a board member of UIL, UNESCO.

Prof. Zhang's main research areas are: education policy analyses and strategic planning, teachers’ professional development, international education and international organization. He chaired the strategic planning of The Shanghai Long-and-Mid-term Guideline of Education Reform and Development 2010-2020 and did many consultancy projects for UNESCO, World Bank, UNICEF, Hong Kong Government and Ministry of Education, China. He hosted England-Shanghai Math teachers exchange program, co-organized the Global Conference on Equity and Excellence in Basic Education which had about 130 participants form above 30 countries, coordinated study activities for delegations from Kenya, MalaysiaU.S., UK, Japan and so on. He published over 50 papers and books mainly in Chinese and some in English, and he won some important national and municipal awards for his research in education. And in 2104 Prof. Zhang was conferred “The Game Changer Award” by Asia Society.

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