Xiaojiong DING is Professor at the Institute for International and Comparative Education, Shanghai Normal University. She holds a PhD from the University of Hong Kong. Her work mainly focuses on internationalization of higher education in China, particularly student and scholar mobility and transnational education. She has chaired a number of education research projects sponsored by Chinese Ministry of Education and Shanghai Municipal Education Commission, including Survey on the Level of Satisfaction of International Students in China, Application of Good Practices of Transnational Programs to Local Higher Education Institutions, Construction of Web Portal and Alumni Association for International Students: Experiences from Other Countries, and Impacts of Transnational Education on Capacity Building of Local Higher Education System. She has published several papers on international peer reviewed journals, such as Higher Education Policy, Journal of Studies in International Education, Journal of Contemporary China and The China Quarterly. Her monograph Policy Metamorphosis in China: A Case Study of Minban Education in Shanghai was published by Lexington Books.

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