Wenle YAN, associate professor, PhD in Education from East China Normal University in 2012. Dr. Yan has begun taught in universities since 2002 and now she has teaching experience of 15 years. Since 2004, Dr. Yan has hosted and participated a number of educational projects of Chinese Ministry of Education and Shanghai Municipal Education Commission.

Dr. Yan has published more than 10 high-quality academic papers in Education Core journals, such as Comparative Education Review and Studies In Foreign Education. In 2015, Dr. Yan was invited to the headquarters of World Bank, Washington, DC. And she was appointed as a short-term education consultant of the World Bank in 2016. In the same year, Dr. Yan was appointed as the person in charge of the Chinese side and assisted the World Bank to hold the World Bank Global Conference on Equity and Excellence in Basic Education in Shanghai, which  has made a great impact. Dr. Yan’s representative work is World Bank and education development and she mainly undertakes the courses of Researches of Education International Relations and Monographic Researches of Education globalization.

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